laminate flooring


Laminate flooring can mimic the look and feel of more expensive materials like stone or exotic hardwood at a fraction of the price. Because laminate is based on photographs of the original material, it can convincingly mimic the appearance of natural materials. Modern embossing technology is used with the image to give the floor a textured appearance.

As a result, laminate flooring now has a subset of flooring options. It’s low-priced, long-lasting, and simple to keep up. Thanks to its durability, laminate is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas of the home and can be installed almost anywhere. Unfortunately, the bathroom and the outdoors are not ideal places for laminate because of their sensitivity to moisture. Get in touch with us for the best laminate flooring options in town!

Choosing Your Look

Laminate floors are available in many classes, tile sizes, and artistic patterns. You can find something to your taste in this section. Long planks, the new casual wide plank, and the tailored narrow plank are all available in laminate wood. The high-end look can be achieved with an oil finish, while the antique look can be achieved by hand-scraping—especially with laminate wood flooring.

Suppose you prefer stone and tile to laminate wood decors. Know that the same embossing techniques used for the latter are used to create beautiful ceramic and porcelain tile and stone installations. In addition to the standard 16-inch sizes, they come in a wide range of shapes and dimensions.

Why Go For Laminate Flooring?

We provide customers with numerous options in terms of color and design, making Dick’s Flooring the best company to purchase laminate flooring from.

  • The installation and upkeep of our flooring are effortless.
  • We make use of durable, high-quality materials in all of our products.
  • Walking on our laminate flooring is an enjoyable and peaceful experience.
  • We guarantee a satisfaction rate of one hundred percent.


  • Laminating a floor is a quick and clean way to update the look of a room or an entire house. Most importantly, laminate flooring is “floated” over the subfloor. That’s because none of those other fixing methods were used. Laminate can be placed with almost no gaps between pieces by simply leaving a small fraction of an inch around the room’s perimeter.
  • Working together, you and our experts will guarantee a perfect installation. We’re the best people to care for little things like trim, transitions, and moldings. We’ve been doing this for years, so you know they’ll give you an installation that looks great.
  • The underlayment of a laminate floor is the most crucial (and unseen) component of the floor. This padding serves as a sound absorber, a moisture barrier, and a component of the floating floor’s stability. The underlayment, similar to a carpet pad, is installed separately. However, it is already attached to each sheet of laminate in some laminates.
  • Some modern underlayments are treated with an antimicrobial agent to stop mold growth in case of a leak. If you want the most features and benefits for your money, you should buy the best you can. The best underlayment choice can be made with the help of an expert from Dick’s Flooring.

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